I love painting from nature and most of my works are influenced by happenings around my environment. I use found objects and discarded textile fabrics, magazines and newspapers to create textures in my paintings. I also use my art as an advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment. I have experimented on several techniques and found them interesting. I do not limit myself to a particular style because I believe art is versatile, thereby giving one the opportunity to explore. I express myself in whatever mood I find myself at any particular period. I like using bright colours for my paintings; presently I am more comfortable with mixed media using different fabrics.  I am passionate about art and I do not compromise it for anything else. 

Selected Exhibitions

2001-2018 Female Artists Exhibitions, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos. 

2018 UNWOMEN Exhibition.

2017 Gallery of Small Things, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

- Human Right Day Exhibition, German Ambassador’s residence, Abuja.

- Abuja Unlocked, Discovering Art Spaces, Cafe De Vie, Abuja.

2016 Art in the House, Blu Cabana, Abuja.

2016 UNESCO Colour For Peace Artcamp, Andorra.

2015-2017 Ogidi Day Art Exhibitions.